Research Designated Programs (RDP)

The Board of Directors of NATSAP has long realized that our professions has the responsibility of providing data that examines the impact and effectiveness of our programs. To this end NATSAP has sponsored an outcome research project in collaboration with Dr. Michael Gass at the University of New Hampshire for the past decade. This work has resulted in a permanent database and led to numerous conference presentations and scholarly articles aimed at documenting the effectiveness of NATSAP programs. However, the database has relied in large part on a handful who have contributed to the majority of data in this effort.

The Board has decided it is now time to push our efforts to the next level and make clear to consumers that not all programs are alike, and those who honestly examine their work, and contribute to the scholarly, professional, and practical understanding of the effects of our interventions deserve to be set apart and receive the proper recognition for their efforts. To this end the Board of NATSAP has established the new of Research Designated Program (RDP) to be given to programs that apply and demonstrate they are involved in supplying data that is aimed at evaluating NATSAP program effectiveness and increasing the understanding of our programs impact on youth and their families.

The RDP is a a NATSAP endorsement designed to acknowledge programs that track outcomes using a normed measure that is designed as an outcomes measure. There are three levels:

  • Bronze= 70% of Admit census sampled
  • Silver= Bronze + 70% of discharge data
  • Gold= Silver + 25% of 6 & 12 month post discharge data

How to Join:

  1. Complete the application at this link:
  2. If qualified you will be contacted via email with the appropriate seal that you can use in promotional materials and on your website. 
  3. You will be listed as an RDP member in the NATSAP directory that is published annually. 

For Petree Consulting customers using the Remote Research Director service, email Mike Petree ([email protected]).

If you are already an RDP member and have questions about renewal, please contact Mike Petree ([email protected]).