How Does a NATSAP Program/School Obtain the Research Designated Program (RDP) Designation?

Obtaining the RDP Designation:

Both first-time and renewing applicants must fill out the application for RDP status.

(Note: There are a small number of NATSAP programs/schools that have conducted outcome research for years without the specific goal of collecting data on 70% of all admissions. Such programs are encouraged to apply and supply a description of their research protocol together with percentage of admissions data they have collected. In such cases, The Research Review Committee can award the initial RDP designation. However, to maintain the RDP designation, the 70% collection threshold must be maintained in the future).


Application Process

  1. NATSAP Programs/Schools who wish to become a Research Designated Program (RDP) will complete the RDP initial application/renewal form.
  2. Upon submission an alert will notify Mike Petree ([email protected]) at which time the application will be accepted, rejected, or taken under consideration by the RDP sub committee of the NATSAP research committee.
  3. If RDP status is earned, you will be emailed a vectored seal and a printed certificate separately. If criteria are not met, you will be notified and encouraged to make adjustments to your data collection procedures and to reapply as soon as you have met the minimum standards.


Maintaining RDP Status

  1. RDP status are reviewed every December and June with the exception of initial applications which can be submitted at any time. Your first renewal date will be the first June or December after you initially apply and you will be responsible for renewing every June and December.
  2. Renewal application.
  3. The processing of the renewal will be in the same manner as described in the initial application process.


Questions? Email Mike Petree ([email protected])