NATSAP Member Maps

Program Members

All NATSAP member programs are located on the below map. Use the zoom function on the upper left to magnify different regions and locations which may be of interest. Clicking an individual marker will bring up the school name and address. Program websites are linked to the names in each marker.

-Red markers designate Full Member programs. These programs have either state licensure or accreditation (or both) to operate a program offering therapeutic services.

-Green markers designate Associate Member programs. These programs either have state licensure or accreditation (or both) to operate a program offering therapeutic services. These programs have also only been open for two years or less.

-Blue markers designate Young Adult Programs, which serve patients 18 years old and above. These programs do not have state licensure or accreditation, but have therapeutic services implemented by a licensed clinical professional. For more information on these membership categories, please contact the NATSAP offices directly.

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Educational Consultants

Educational consultants provide an invaluable service to distressed parents looking for the right therapeutic program. With a keen knowledge of various programs across North America, educational consultants are able to place troubled teens and adolescents into a program that provides the best services for recovery.

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Regulations guiding the operation of therapeutic programs by state are listed in the below map. For more information on the laws concerning a specific state, click one of the below markers. Please note some states do not have regulations or licensure laws for therapeutic programs. NATSAP requires all member programs serving a population under 18 years of age to either be licensed within their state or accredited by a nationally-recognized accrediting body.


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