NATSAP Committees

NATSAP is managed by the Board of Directors and is a committee-based organization wherein board members hold chair positions for each committee. The Chair is responsible for taking the lead for the structure and the deliverables of the committee, determining the prioritization of the deliverables, managing the committee members, and informing the Board when it is necessary to expand responsibilities for delivery beyond the committee. The Executive Director assists the committee chairs by reviewing and discussing the deliverables and providing central office assistance as required.

The Board holds an annual planning meeting in early Spring where the goals and responsibilities of the existing committees are reviewed and developed for the remainder of that year. Frequently long-term goals are established with goals defined for the current year.

As the needs of the organization grow, new committees are established either on a long-term or ad hoc basis whichever best serves the purpose of the need.

The committees are comprised of volunteers from the membership. Their contributions in both time and effort (output) make them the driving force in the success of each committee. We thank them and honor them for their commitment, dedication and contributions to NATSAP and its members.

If you are interested in serving on a committee, contact [email protected] or call 301.986.8770 if you would like more information on the committee than is available on this website.

Annual Conference Committee
Alumni Advisory Council/SNAP
Best Practices Committee
Education Committee
Executive Committee
Government Relations Committee
Membership Committee
Member Services Committee
Public Relations Committee
Regional Conference Committee
Research Committee
SNAP Committee