Benefits of membership

Membership is valuable...

  1. National & Regional Conferences- All NATSAP members are encouraged to attend and present at our Annual and Regional Conferences, which occur throughout the year. A few of the many benefits of attending include professional development, continuing educational credits, and networking. Members may also promote their schools, programs, and businesses by exhibiting at conferences at preferred member rates.

  2. Link ‘n Learn- Link ‘n Learn is an innovative service that allows educational consultants and NATSAP programs to meet and network. Programs and Educational Consultants are given time to learn about and get to know one another.

  3. NATSAP Leadership Summit- The purpose of the NATSAP Leadership Summit is to create a dedicated, private, and confidential space for NATSAP program leaders to meet and discuss program development, professional growth, best practices, needed improvements, and other issues best suited to a closed group format.

  4. Electronic Newsletter

    - NATSAP newsletters are sent to members on a seasonal basis. These newsletters include information on developments within the Association, reviews of recently past conferences, news about upcoming conferences, committee reports, announcements of new members, and much more.

  5. Electronic & Printed Directory- All schools, programs, individual members, affiliates, and business partners are given a print and website listing in our NATSAP Directory. Listings include a page description with all contact information and detailed program information.

  6. Website– NATSAP’s website offers a wide array of information useful to programs, educational consultants, parents, and others. Besides listing our entire membership, the website contains information on all NATSAP activities, enables members to post classified ads, spells out best practice guidelines, and much, much more. Visit us at

  7. Government Representation- The NATSAP Government Relations Committee seeks to analyze all legislation coming from Capitol Hill that will affect member programs. Through the committee, NATSAP formulates responses that would best support our members’ beliefs. Our government representation takes several forms, including: Washington Fly-in day when members can meet key legislators to discuss issues of importance; review of and commentary on recently-introduced legislation; participation in hearings; and participation in key coalitions, among others.

  8. Participation on Committee- One of the best ways to maximize your membership in NATSAP is to participate in one of our many committees addressing various needs of programs and professionals in our field. Our Committees can only benefit from the new ideas that representatives from our member programs bring. Committees include: Membership, Member Services, Government Relations, Research, Best Practices, Alumni Advisory Council, Education, and Public Relations.

  9. Public Relations- NATSAP has retained a professional public relations firm to help outside entities understand and appreciate the work our member programs do.  A Public Relations Toolkit has been created to help member programs interface with the public in their local communities.

  10. Participation in Coalitions- NATSAP seeks to align with various other like-minded organizations on a wide spectrum of issues and projects. We will continue to belong to various coalitions and will consider partnerships that provide a greater voice in issues of importance to our membership.

  11. Youth Advocate Bulletin- NATSAP circulates a newsletter on Senate and House happenings in our periodically-published Youth Advocate Bulletin. This newsletter contains information on government relations issues that may have a direct impact on our association’s members.

  12. Networking- NATSAP seeks to create a strong network of programs and individuals across North America. A variety of regional and annual conferences are held during the year to promote networking amongst our membership. Conferences are a place to circulate new research and ideas contemplated or implemented in member programs.  NATSAP events also provide a chance for programs to meet with various suppliers of goods and services.

  13. Vendor Discounts- NATSAP has negotiated rate reductions for member programs with Hertz, Jiffy Lube, Satmodo, GroupRx, Nutritious Lifestyles and more.

  14. Surveys- NATSAP conducts periodic surveys on topics of interest to members.  Past surveys have addressed employee salaries, how member programs impact the local and regional economy, and educational consultant/program relations.

  15. Research Designated Program (RDP)-The Board has decided it is now time to push our efforts to the next level and make clear to consumers that not all programs are alike, and those who honestly examine their work, and contribute to the scholarly, professional, and practical understanding of the effects of our interventions deserve to be set apart and receive the proper recognition for their efforts. To this end the Board of NATSAP has established the new status of Research Designated Program to be given to programs that apply and demonstrate they are involved in supplying data that is aimed at evaluating NATSAP program effectiveness and increasing the understanding of our programs impact on youth and their families.

  16. Outcomes Research Project- NATSAP and the University of New Hampshire are working in cooperation to study the long-term effects of residential treatment centers and wilderness programs on clients. This provides a unique opportunity to quantify the benefits of attending our programs well beyond student graduation. Outcomes are a key component guiding NATSAP’s Best Practices Committee. The Journal of Therapeutic Schools & Programs is circulated on a yearly basis to augment the findings of our outcome research.

  17. Webinars- NATSAP Webinars are a new service provided to enhance the knowledge of our member organizations. We provide live web broadcasts on our website from industry experts on various issues that may affect our members. Previous webinars are stored on our website and can be viewed at any time.

  18. Active Alumni Advisory Council- Our Alumni Advisory Council is a committee of programs, alumni, and parents of alumni created to gain further knowledge from end users of our member programs. We are currently in the process of expanding into an all-encompassing alumni association to further enhance our association outreach to former alumni.

  19. Scholarship Funding- NATSAP has teamed up with affiliated granting organizations to create greater opportunities to raise money which fund scholarships for families in need. NATSAP is also looking at other similar foundations in order to further expand scholarship opportunities.

  20. Monitoring of Applicable Federal Grants- NATSAP regularly monitors Federal grants for those that may be beneficial and applicable to our membership. Qualifying NATSAP members are welcome to apply for grants directly with the government.

  21. Spotlight on NATSAP Members- NATSAP provides a weekly highlight on individual programs through our social networking platforms.

  22. We Are NATSAP- We Are NATSAP is our bimonthly newsletter which focuses on the latest news and events occurring at your program. Participation is open to all NATSAP Member Programs.

  23. Online Continuing Education- NATSAP has partnered with the Telemental Health Institute to offer discounted training seminars for NATSAP members who are interested in the legal, ethical and clinical issues relevant to evidence-based distance counseling and other technology-mediated best practices.

  24. Discounted Hotel Options-

    NATSAP is excited to announce a new partnership with HotelStorm to bring exclusive hotel discounts to our members. When you use HotelStorm, you’ll find savings of 10-55% over other online travel agencies. HotelStorm offers thousands of hotels worldwide, 24/7 concierge, and the best hotel prices.