October 2021

Pacific Quest Goes Carbon Neutral

Suzanne McKinney, MA, Outreach Director, Pacific Quest

Pacific Quest has partnered with Cool Effect to offset a carbon footprint of over 200 tonnes annually. Cool Effect is a 501c non-profit organization that partners with private and public entities, including 3M, American Airlines, and Sales Force, to offset operational carbon emissions. Cool Effect funds novel emission reduction projects around the world, and provides a transparent, measureable and efficient operation--with 90% of funding directed to new projects.

Founded on a principle of sustainability, Pacific Quest is a behavioral health program for teens and young adults based on the Big Island of Hawaii. Youth, ages 13-24, participate in individual therapy, group therapy, psychiatry, horticulture, acupuncture, and exploration of the vivid ecosystem of Hawaii. Admissions Director Kellyn Smythe describes a culture of responsibility: "A central ethos to our students' experience is learning how to care for themselves by caring for their community and environment. It's only natural that we model this expectation by embracing our responsibility for climate change."  

Through this same partnership with Cool Effect, Pacific Quest now also offers families the option to offset the carbon footprint of their individual stays including travel and imported gear and food.  Pacific Quest continues to source as much as possible locally including veggies from their own gardens, Big Island Grass Fed Beef, and local wild caught fish.