October 2021

Alpine Academy’s Student Council Provides Leadership Opportunities

Jill McIntyre, Business Development Director, Alpine Academy

The best way to experience Alpine Academy is to tour one of its two campuses. The opportunity is even more valuable when your tour guide is a student. Assisting with campus tours is just one of the responsibilities of Alpine Academy’s Student Council.

The Student Council consists of nine students - one from each home of the Lakeview and Mountain View campuses. These representatives work together as they participate in weekly leadership lessons and practice their skills by providing service to others, both on and off-campus. They learn how to listen to and represent their peers and properly advocate with the administration. They also have opportunities to enhance their public speaking abilities.

Students are nominated by their teachers, therapists, residential staff, peers, or themselves. They must be in good standing with schoolwork and must be progressing in their treatment in order to be eligible. A new group of students is selected each school quarter. This gives many students the opportunity to participate in the leadership experience throughout the year. 

Here are just a few of the activities and responsibilities of the Student Council:

  • Conduct weekly announcement meetings to the student body

  • Communicate ideas from the student body to the Council and administration

  • Welcome new students to the school

  • Organize and volunteer for service projects

  • Assist with campus guest tours

  • Plan activities and help with outings and events that promote unity and school spirit

One Student Council member said, “I love being a part of the Student Council. It helps me engage with my peers and teachers. I have a history of isolating myself. Now that I am involved more, I like school and I am doing so much better with my grades.”

Council members all agree that being involved makes school more enjoyable. They are also excited that they can highlight their experience on job and college applications.