October 2021

A Healthy Focus at Boulder Creek Academy

Charla Suppe, MS, Business Development Director/Special Education, Boulder Creek Academy

Boulder Creek Academy, a therapeutic boarding school serving ages 13 through 18, weaves coeducational, fully-accredited academics into a relationship-based therapy program and welcomes struggling students. Boulder Creek is excited to share what students are learning from the nursing department regarding nutrition and how it affects their body.

Getting outside, exercising and being active has always been a focus at Boulder Creek Academy. Lead Nurse Heather Lorenz enjoys educating the students about what fuels the body and what foods help the brain function at its’ best. She is excited to share her passion regarding good health with the students. With 25 years’ experience in acute care, and having grown up in a medical family, Heather has a lot to share. “My goal for our students is to educate them, and answer the questions they are asking, as well as promote thought towards the things they may have never thought to ask.” The students love to share and to learn, and to have their questions answered.

Heather welcomes the opportunities to attend dorm groups to discuss personal health, personal hygiene, and how to take care of your body. The benefits are endless. “I look forward to coming to school and interacting with the kids! They are so curious, it’s my opportunity to discuss health with each one of them, and to connect with them in their individualized sessions.” 

Heather posts health topics on the Nursing bulletin board outside the nurses’ office. The theme for this month is all about, Nutrition for my Brain and Body. “When talking about nutrition we also need to take into account the following dimensions which focus on wellness. They are Body (physical wellness), Mind (social, intellectual, & emotional wellness), and Spirit (spiritual wellness). When all three areas are in alignment we have whole body wellness. Categorizing wellness into these dimensions helps us better understand our thoughts, needs, and emotions allowing us to work towards healthier and happier lives.”