July 2021

New Leadership Propels E3 Transition Program

Lisa R Berman, LMSW, Director of Marketing and Community Outreach, The Glenholme School

How do young adults learn how to manage the responsibilities of adulthood?                                         

Is it magic? For many youngsters, becoming an independent adult is a process that seemingly happens on its own. But many young adults are unable to meet the challenges of college, obtaining vocational training or even getting a job. Parents are stymied in their ability to influence and motivate their children.

The term “failure to launch” describes young adults unsuccessfully navigating entry into adulthood. Diagnosed or undiagnosed mental health concerns may underlie this difficulty.

The Glenholme School’s E3 Transition Program is a therapeutic program, which instructs young adults to strengthen their independence and abilities to lead a productive life. The program boasts new leadership and a new downtown Torrington base of operations.

Students, from 18 years old to 22 years old come to the E3 Transition Program to gain valuable skills through trial and error, internships, classes and supported employment. Students may attend college at nearby Post University or Northwest Community College. They can get assistance with navigating the college experience from E3 staff. A therapist works with each young person to assist them working through emotional obstacles.  The program is based in a large house in New Preston, and it is there that living skills such as cooking, planning meals, doing laundry and keeping an apartment clean are taught and practiced.

New leaders Regina Long and Sean Kavanaugh bring a combined 50 years of working with children and adults. They complement each other’s backgrounds to bring well rounded expertise to E3. Regina Long, the new Director of the E3 Transition Program has an educational foundation of human services with a Master’s degree in organizational leadership topped with proficiency in mindfulness coaching! Previously, Regina worked with Catholic Charities helping women who had been in prison get acclimated to life in the community. She also worked as director at ARC and helped over 100 adults a year gain employment. To that end, she started and ran businesses including an eatery, aquaponics, lawn care and a cleaning service.

Sean Kavanaugh, the Education and Public Relations Specialist worked in Special Education and technology. Sean became expert at how to use technology to help students with special needs. He became a trainer of teachers on the district level and then the state level.

Last year, the E3 Transition Program converted a storefront in Torrington, to be a center for program participants. It offers carrels, a conference room, a lounge and an office. Named the Hub, the location is close to restaurants, retail stores, the Warner Theater and other opportunities for community involvement. There are classes at the Hub where skills in a myriad of areas, financial acumen, career readiness, interpersonal dynamics, personal health and wellness are covered. Recreational outings are organized, and there is a tradition of hiking on nearby trails. The goal for these young people is to become independent. If you have a young adult struggling, call us at 860-868-7377.