July 2021

Cornerstones of Maine Celebrates 5 Years!

Arien Lison, Marketing & Outreach Coordinator, Cornerstones of Maine

In 2016, Dr. Josh Altschule and Dr. Jake Gelles opened the Cornerstones of Maine young adult transition program with one house in Kennebunkport, five staff members, and a maximum census of 11 residents. This year, Cornerstones is celebrating their 5-year anniversary with 3 program houses, 36 staff, and a maximum census of 30 residents.
To date, Cornerstones has expanded their program footprint beyond the boutique seaside town of Kennebunkport to the bustling city of Portland, Maine, opening two resident houses located near the historic Old Port district in the center of the city.  Their first expansion added the West End house, which is programmatically the same as the Kennebunkport house, while the Deering Oaks house is structured as a step-down residence that offers residents more autonomy and an opportunity to further practice independent living while still benefiting from the support of our staff.

Cornerstones attributes its tremendous growth and success to both the effectiveness of the treatment model developed by Dr. Gelles and Dr. Altschule and their commitment to hiring and supporting exceptional staff. “In the end a program’s success depends almost entirely on the staff you hire and making sure you support those staff so that they bring their creativity, passion, and enthusiasm to their work. We are incredibly grateful for the incredible work our team does.” says Jake Gelles, Psy.D., Founder and Director of Cornerstones of Maine.