Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is a committee of volunteers that is the first layer of approval for NATSAP membership.  The Committee is responsible for all incoming application and vetting potential members.  In 2013, the Membership Committee will be aligning new priorities which may include the committee researching potential NATSAP members.


Candace Bynum - Trails Carolina

Board Liaison:

Darren Prince - Ashcreek Ranch Academy

Committee Members:

Darren Prince - Ashcreek Ranch Academy
Shaita Smith - NATSAP Staff
Kristen Buck - New Haven
Sami Butler - Intermountain
Kimball DeLaMare - InnerChange
Melissa Hickman - Gateway Academy
Andrew Moskovitz - Urban Edge-Denver
Mark Oerther - Red Oak Recovery
Beth Ragland - Greenbrier Academy for Girls
Tere Snodgrass - Open Sky Wilderness
Ryan Walton - RedCliff Ascent