Best Practices Committee

Reviews NATSAP Best Practice Guidelines for continuing relevance, reviews written complaints about programs and handles inquiries of same by contacting involved program, writes report and makes recommendations to the NATSAP Board about specific complaints about programs.

If you have a complaint about a member of NATSAP, please e-mail [email protected] The complaint will then be sent to the Best Practices Committee for review. You will be contacted by a member of the Best Practices Committee within two weeks of initially filing your complaint. 


Rujon Morrison, Shelterwood Academy

Board Liaison:

David LePere - Cherokee Creek Boys School

Committee Members:

Tim Davis, Executive Director, Tamarack Center
Marcy Dorfman, Educational Consultant, Score at the Top
Carl Baccellieri, Executive Director, Living Well Transitions
Rujon Morrison, Program Director, Shelterwood Academy
Glenn White, Founder/Owner, Dragonfly Transitions
Mike Haarer, Compass Rose Academy
Thane Palmer, Three Points Center, LLC
Pamela Wood, Cambio Academy