Shaler Black Cooper
Admissions Director
Cherokee Creek Boys School
Attending NATSAP has been a great opportunity to connect with others in the industry, expand my knowledge, build skills, and share exciting news and updates about Cherokee Creek Boys School. I’m excited to serve on the planning committee to build upon the successes of past conferences.


Sami Butler
Professional Relations Manager

My first experience with NATSAP was when I attended the annual conference. It didn’t take long for me to want to be involved at a deeper level with this organization – one who supports programs in providing high quality services for children and families and whose members are committed and compassionate.  I have continued to attend every annual NATSAP conference over the years because there are so many opportunities to learn and connect with colleagues who share a passion for working with struggling youth.


Nicole Fuglsang
Director of Public Relations & Business Development & Co-Founder
CALO – Change Academy Lake of the Ozarks

I value the NATSAP conferences and feel they provide a great opportunity for professionals to gather together and share their knowledge. The conferences allow all professionals to interact in a collegial setting. I have only missed one national NATSAP conference since 2003 and I have been chairing or co-chairing regional conferences since 2006.


Holly D. Hunter, Owner
SafePassage Adolescent Services

The reputation of the National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs is long standing in the education community so when I acquired SafePassage Adolescent Services ® more than four years ago I set out to continue our affiliation with NATSAP. To be able to take that affiliation to the next level and serve on a committee is a privilege. The associate and affiliate members of NATSAP are not only gracious but generous with their time and talent so to be involved with the conference planning offers me an opportunity to give back to the membership. Serving them in this way has deepened my commitment to NATSAP.The past four plus years attending the national and regional conferences has brought me to a place in which I can better serve the families in crisis that knock on our door at SafePassage. Attending the sessions, establishing relationships with the schools and programs and getting to know the personnel has provided glimpses of the ideals, philosophies and goals each program and school embrace. This is what makes attending NATSAP exciting and innovative.

This environment of educational evolution provides us each an opportunity to commit to commit to give our best to the families we serve.


Sarah Mack
I always look forward to the annual NATSAP conference.  It is a great time to connect with other professionals in our unique industry to share ideas and learn new and effective ways to assist students and families.  I always leave the conference feeling refreshed and energized about the work that we do!


David Mayeski
Enrollment Advisor/Transition Coach

Homeward Bound
I feel like I have been able to grow professionally over the last 10 years and the Annual NATSAP Conference has been a big part of it.  I have been fortunate enough to attend 9 of the last 10 Annual Conferences.When I started attending NATSAP Conferences I was a brand new therapist in a residential treatment setting.  The Conferences gave me a great opportunity to learn so many different ideas from diverse presenters.  I was able to collect CEU’s to help keep my license active.   I could then take back material and share with my colleagues.  I have even had the opportunity to present twice in the last 8 years!.As I moved into Admissions and Marketing positions I was afforded the opportunity to Network with other professionals in the industry, as well as brainstorm ideas of how to get involved beyond my local organizations.In the last couple of years I have been able to serve on the National Conference Committee helping select presentations for the conference, the keynote speakers, as well as having input into future locations for the Conference.  This has also allowed me to meet so many different persons in the industry and share the unique perspectives that we have.


Audrey Peavey
Admissions and Marketing Director
Q and A Associates
Wisdom Ranch School
I have been attending NATSAP regional and national conferences since 2002. From the first conference, I was hooked. There was an atmosphere of collegiality, friendship and camaraderie that was infectious. Thanks to some nudging from a few friends, I became involved in committees and in our regional conference. I also had the wonderful opportunity to serve on the Board. I have learned so much through my NATSAP involvement-about our industry, about the great people and minds that share our mission, and about myself. I have been blessed to work alongside some extraordinary people in this organization and am very proud to have been a part of where NATSAP is today. I hope to continue to be involved over the coming years and strongly encourage all members to do the same.


Ken Stettler
Director, Office of Licensing

Utah Department of Human Services
I’ve been involved with NATSAP as a supporter, cheerleader, and observer since its inception.  As a state regulator I applaud the creation and the aspirations of an organization that is built upon a foundation of ethical principles designed to promote excellent care, treatment, and personal well-being of the clients they serve.  The organization also serves as a resource for programs and professionals in the field of treating young people with emotional and behavioral problems. That’s where the conferences play such a pivotal role in the purpose of the organization.  I have been very impressed with the quality of the instruction provided at these conferences, and even more impressed with the fact that the sharing of information is done in the spirit of helping one another become better at providing services to troubled young people throughout the country, despite the fact that the member programs compete in the marketplace for clients.  It shows the true quality of character, the caring nature, and the dedication of people who are members of NATSAP and whose primary objective is to help troubled kids, whoever and wherever they may be.  I’m proud to support that, and to be able to ‘rub shoulders’ with such terrific people.